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Two Things I Hate

2007-12-11 17:02:32 by Niyou77

South Park and potheads.

Seriously. How can anyone find South Park funny? It's a bunch of mentally retarded little kids who run around making fart jokes, while trying to impress our older viewers (11+) with shitty pop culture "parodies." Honestly. A three year old with a brain tumor might find the show funny. Now how come full grown adults laugh their ass off while watching this mass of pure stupidity. They think that they are making people bust a lung by making fun of Family Guy, but then Family Guy has the decency not to do it back, because the creators of Family Guy don't have motherfucking alzheimer's.

Next, potheads. They think they're so cool because they put an illegal substance in a piece of paper, light it on fire, and stick in in their mouths. Wow, idiots, genius. And to top that, they think that they can get away with it by talking to their friends about "last night's epic trip" at the end of their industrial technology class in front of their teacher by using nicknames that old people don't know. "Oh, I met a girl named 'Mary Jane' last night." "HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT, I JUST CAME THINKING ABOUT IT!" Fucking stoners can suck my balls.